“Discover the Truth About the Law of Attraction and How to Use ‘The Secret’ for Wealth Beyond Reason!”


Dear Friend,

Surely by now you’ve heard about the phenomenal DVD called “The Secret.”

I’m in it, as well as about two dozen other teachers. It’s all about the Law of Attraction.

Whether you think it’s a “law” or a joke, this audio training with one of the teachers in The Secret will make you consider what’s truly possible in your life and business. Maybe, just maybe, you haven’t been thinking big enough.

Bob Doyle ended up in the movie because Rhonda Byrne, the producer and creator of it, was actually a student of his Wealth Beyond Reason class, and she approached him about being in it.

Bob knows the science behind the Law of Attraction, and I get him to reveal it this audio training. I think you’ll find it riveting.

We cover such topics as --

  • What is “vibrational resonance”?

  • Can we consciously control our vibrational resonance? If so, how?

  • Do we attract everything – even the bad stuff? If so, what can we do about it?

  • In business, when you have a vision that really inspires you, you'll begin to get a ton of ideas. Then the only problem will be choosing one. Don't over analyze it though, because you'll slow yourself down. The trick is revealed in the interview.

  • When Bob Doyle quit his corporate job, he didn't know yet what he was going to do to make money. But he just couldn't stand it anymore, and didn't think he would take the jump while he was in the comfort of his job. What did he do?

  • How going to a trade show and following angels (yes, angels!) led him to meet up with someone and create the Wealth Beyond Reason program.

  • What is the best way to “get clear” so you can have Wealth Beyond Reason?

  • What is EFT? (You’ll hear me confess how I used this method to get over a fear of flying.)

  • When it comes to following your passions, is it true if you do what you love the money will follow? This is usually true, but when it's not true it's usually because people bring their resistance when approaching their business - even if they are doing something they love. They aren't thinking big enough. (Are you?)

  • What if anger fuels you toward action? Is that ok?

  • What is "the universe"?

  • In the case of the baby who had a stroke, did the baby attract that?

  • Can you use the law of attraction for bad? What would Hitler do with the law of attraction?

  • A lot of getting where you want to go is letting go and taking inspired action without second guessing yourself. You definitely have to take action; you can't just set your intention and wait for it to happen. But do take action at the right time when you are inspired. But what IS inspired action?


As you can see, this audio training is PACKED with gems about the movie The Secret as well as about The Law of Attraction.

If you are ready for Wealth Beyond Reason, then you'll love this!

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